The Science & Art of Relating

with Bascha Meier

International Systemic (NEW Family) Constellations Master Facilitator and Trainer

New Zealand Born, Globally present

Personal Introduction

Now, in these fast changing times we all need to take stock of who we AUTHENTICALLY are and where we want to be going.

Source Constellations help to put our lives into perspective, providing new awareness and offering positive forward moving resolutions.

A ‘constellation’ has the unique capacity of being able to bring fundamental truths about any particular system to light. It bypasses the opinions and judgements that we so easily impose on reality and which tend to filter out, distorting the truth.

We are surrounded by so many possibilities and limitations that confront us each day, so we can so easily forget that we are also intimately connected to the larger whole.

 Within this larger whole there are dynamics that are at work in systems that we don’t even notice. These are the hidden invisible dynamics that can, in one moment, give us the wings to fly and in another moment hold us completely paralysed and unable to act!

I know exactly what that feels like, as I have experienced this many times in my life. It was not until I set up my own constellation some 25 years ago now, that I perceived the real root cause of what continuously had a stronghold in my life. I never realised how entangled I was in my family web!

This was astonishing and surprising for me, and such a relief at the same time. This shift in perception was not only healing for myself and my whole family, but also life-changing. I am now empowered to fully live my own life, with all the courage and strength I need to follow my TRUE LIFE’S PURPOSE.

Much of my work as a ConsciousLife Mentor,Facilitator/Trainer of Constellation Work and Energy Medium is to realign the ‘Orders of Love’ in the Family System so that the Pathways to walking one’s authentic Soul Purpose is in flow with grace, ease and great LOVE.

Honour, respect and blessings are restored with our ancestral lineage members, and remember peace and reconciliation begins with honouring the dead!

Accepting everyone in our Familial Web, as they are or as they were, no judgment, is the key to inner peace and allows the greater Love to flow unimpeded

SOURCE CONSTELLATIONS are for personal (health, relationships), professional, business and other issues, on all levels.

Experience any of this in your life?

·      Feel like there is some invisible force holding you back from being fully yourself and leading a fulfilled life?

·      You wish to fully live your OWN life and your Soul Purpose but keep getting stuck in the process…

·      Feel you are lacking in contentment or peace of mind. You may have a good job, a nice home, great kids but are still unhappy – what is missing?

·      Are you frequently plagued by feelings of guilt or unable to commit for the smallest reasons, in everyday life?

·      Have you found any repetition of problem patterns in your family, relationship or workplace?

·      You are feeling unexplained sadness, depression, loneliness and no matter what you have tried to shift this it is still there?

·      Do you suffer from reoccurring illness, addictions, headaches, and/or accidents and wonder why?

·      Your child has learning difficulties, is continuously restless or doesn’t even want to learn, for no apparent reason?

·      ' I just don't feel like i belong, whether in my job or even in my family'

·      Suffer from reoccurring illness, addictions, headaches, and/or accidents and wonder why?

·      How come I suffer from insomnia?

·      'Why am i still not making profit in my business even though I am working hard and ticking all the boxes?

·      Why do my staff seem to leave after 8-10 months of starting??

·      Why do I always 'choose' the wrong partners, in business and in personal relationships?

·      I feel like the 'black sheep' of the family and don't understand why.

·      I'd like to stop smoking/drinking, but somehow I sabotage it.

·      What is blocking my creativity?

·      Every offer I put in on a property deal fall over...


For example:

A young woman suffers from anxiety and a feeling of not belonging, this was the issue she presented to me at a recent workshop. We set up the constellation and it showed:

Her mother had 2 aborted children who needed to be acknowledged and given a place. And her grandmother had to give her child away, as being an unmarried mother.

A woman is not able to stop the unhealthy relationship she is in – both her mother and grand mother had arranged, unhappy marriages.

She said’ I suffer for you.’

Who are we remembering?

Who are we trying to help?

Who’s fate are we trying to carry? Out of a deep blind love, unconsciously?

Imagine a constellation in the sky – a grouping of stars that symbolises all your Ancestors. Each star has an invisible‘thread’ of energy connecting one to another and to you. In your aliveness on this earth, you are connected on a deep soul level to these people of the past, whether they are still alive or deceased.

You have inherited their joys and sorrows, and you may be carrying anger, loss, illness or guilt that burden your life today – even if you do not know how or why.

You may not be able to be fully living out your Soul purpose even though you have a deep desire to….  Constellation Work helps you connect and correct the past so that you can move forward in your own life, with deep joy, purpose, and a greater Love, on all levels of your Being.

 (Credit here to my USA colleague, Michael Reddy, for his way of likening of Constellation Work to the Star System)

There's an Epigenetic Conscious Field around our DNA that in embedded with everything that came before....Constellations use this Field of Consciousness to explore and finish the past dramas and traumas that we carry unconsciously from the PAST events that no longer exist. We set a healthy boundary between what is our and their’s through honour, love and respect to free us from the PAST in the PRESENT for a better FUTURE..... Your FUTURE is waiting... Constellation Healing has the KEY!






We are not controlled by our genes,

Like computer programmes controlled by code.

This is a fallacy propagated by Darwinian-based Scientism

for almost 2 centuries…

Genes are a biological tendency for expression.

Changing our state of consciousness can influence

Or even change completely the tendency for expression.

When we do this our ‘code’ can actually be rewritten,

And a different manifestation can be expressed.




(Unkown Source of this short excerpt titled ‘Epigenetics’)


Constellation work is a powerful healing method developed by Bert Hellinger in Germany. I trained directly with him and his wife, Sophie Hellinger, in ‘Moving with the Spirit-Mind in Constellations’, the Science of Love.

This saw my travelling to Austria for 4 years to take part in the Trainings. I was fortunate to spend another 12 years on the International Circuit as Bert and Sophie Hellinger’s Interpreter from German to English language, therefore working closely alongside Bert, in alignment with his latest insights, in public audiences of up to 1,700 participants. The Channellings we both in unison downloaded and shared were alchemic and ancestral wisdom was bared for the self-healing processes of the participants, their deceased loved one’s and all within the Family System.

Family Systems have enormous power and strong bonds, which when hidden can severely impact on our emotions and health. Issues that seem to take a stronghold in our life often have their roots in events in our family system.  Fates in our ancestry like losing a parent or child early, abandonment, immigration, suicide, mental health, cancer, abortions, have a rippling effect for several generations. Out of a DEEP LOYALTY, we unconsciously carry these fates and trauma as if they happened to us. For instance, could we ever imagine that our unexplained sadness or health problems could be connected to a stillborn child of our grandmother?

I facilitate constellations in a group settings of 20-30 participants up to more recently, large groups over 80 or 100 plus particpants.

I need very little information from my client to start their constellation, sometimes I need not ask them anything in order to proceed.

I look at the client in the context of the greater family system he or she belongs to. Involvement in a constellation circle happens on three levels: As an observer/participant you will experience healing energy and supporting others in their constellations will also move your issue forward. You may ‘represent’ a member of someone’s family in their constellation.

This experience can be life-transforming as you will find your perceptions on how relationships work will have changed. Without doing anything-simply though intention-you will take on the thoughts and feelings of the family member you are ‘representing’.

Or you may feel ready to set up your own constellation. Typically, a constellation moves through two stages. In the first, hidden ,yet compelling, dynamics within the family come to light. In the second phase, healing movements & statements are discovered, or recovered, to rebalance the family system and offer RESOLUTION for the client’s issue. Constellations can effectively address business, career related, organisational and community issues, as well as marital dilemmas.

Overview of a Constellation Circle

The Morphogenic Energy Field created during the circle allows all participants to experience healing, regardless of level of involvement.

Participants can choose from 3 levels of involvement:

Just observing from the circled seating

Representing a person on someone else’s family

Placing their own family in the circle using representatives.

FEEDBACK from Participants in Source Constellation Workshops, to help understand the profound yet simple life changing transformations that can take place within one Constellation;

 ‘My son, suffering from drug addiction, was not willing to be present at any therapy groups. As his mother, I set up our family constellation and not only did I understand the causes of his addiction, he actually turned the corner on his problems 4 months after the workshop – Bert Hellinger’s work is mind-blowing and is beneficial for ALL’ Sandra B

’The Constellation Experience was truly life-changing! Amazing that a few hours of group activity have changed my thoughts and feelings. As a result I am experiencing the healing of a long lasting disease and I am now free from medication, to life a full, pain-free life’ Dorothy

The work is real and non threatening. Timothy D

 “ I could never have imagined that my issues around money had anything to do with my great grandfather! Setting up a constellation and moving it through to a positive resolution has totally shifted my perception, not only of the issue but of how we are spreading healing to all our family members at the same time” Max R, New York

‘Some day the medical profession will wake up and realise that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, Constellation Work will be their primary healing tool... as is for me.’   Garth Robins, MD

Other interesting facts:

Other family members do not need to be present.

The need for self-disclosure is minimal. - Bascha works with the NEW Constellation approach, where often no words are needed to set up a constellation and go straight to the root cause of the issue.

You receive healing simply by participating in the group workshop - the Law of Resonance is in action!

Participants leave with a life-changing deep understanding of themselves, the power of love, and the forces that govern human relationships. These Constellation ‘Breakthrough’ Workshops are transformative and life changing.

How entangled are you in your own family web?

The Hellinger Approach

Family Constellation work is an experiential, inter-generational healing process developed by renowned German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. The work has grown rapidly in Europe in the last 30 years and has gained attention Internationally. Bert Hellinger, over many years of clinical practice, observed that there is an order to the way love flows in RELATIONSHIPS.  When that order is disrupted, it is often family members in subsequent generations who experience the consequences of this disruption.

Without realising it, people often re-enact patterns that originate in the past rather than in events of this lifetime. Unrecognised ancestral traumas breed relationship, health, financial, and family issues, that defy repeated attempts to transform them.

Through this Constellation Circle you will discover the hidden mysteries in your family structure or current dilemma that may be stopping you from leading YOUR fulfilled life.

Powerful Healing and Self-Healing Portals

By restoring the ‘ORDERS OF LOVE’ a deep shift often occurs in your soul and your Family Systems collective consciousness. Your constellation will give you a fresh perspective of your issue and the people involved. It may change the way you look at a situation which in turn can lead to a PROFOUND shift in your life experience.

Participants are frequently amazed and deeply touched when the hidden love connections and ENTANGLEMENTS within their systems are revealed. For instance, could we ever imagine that unhappiness or health problems could be connected to a stillborn child of our grandmother?

What happens in a workshop?

The participant choosing to work on their family is asked, what their burning issue is. The facilitator then asks only for the most essential facts about the family. The participant then selects representatives for the members of his family and places them in a space in relationship to one another, following his/her own intuition. This creates an ENERGY FIELD, in which all involved representatives begin to receive information (physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, etc.) related to the family member whom they are representing. Every change in position within the constellation effects the information received. As a result, previously subconscious, often tragic family ties, are made perceptible and the dynamic that caused the participant’s issue can be BROUGHT TO LIGHT.

Ways to Resolution

With the information provided by the representatives, and using steps such as appreciation and/or detachment rituals, the constellation can now be restructured according to the ‘Orders of Love’ into a BALANCED FAMILY SYSTEM, where love, flowing consciously and unimpeded, heals, and guilt, once acknowledged, can turn into energy.

Deep gratitude and respect to my teachers, Bert and Sophie Hellinger, Hellinger Sciencia, NEW Family Constellation Work, Germany

‘Freedom’ usually means:

Free from something which constricts us, has limited us and has held us. We have become free from it, new opportunities are open to us. The more we develop and unfold as human beings, the more we become free; also in the sense that we can leave something behind’

Bert Hellinger, Sophie Hellinger, NEW Family Constellation Work.

(Credit also to my dear colleague Gary Stuart, based in Los Angeles, for his ongoing support and friendship)

Blessings to you all, upcoming events and workshops will be featured on my website, to pre register interest or to invite me to your area to present, or book a private session: