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JOIN my candid personal journal on this 30 day rejuvenation and recalibration journey i have consciously taken inspired action to bring into reality during November 2016, this is the perfect time Blessings Bascha

Blog will run from most recent posting first.

Friday 4 November 8.45pm

Wow, what a day, exploring early morning beach walk down by Varkala Cliff edge. The strict routine has been set, the Ayuverdic Doctor is a cool lady and we are co creating the learning, the way we run the day, and also following progress...the first three days are all about deep relaxation in preparation for stage 2 of the deep cleanse and cell recalibration. So long 4 hand massages with coconut oil, infused with ancient local healing herbs and leaves, poured over the body and hair and massage then takes place..in rhythmic long strokes to help lymphatic flow...so the immersion in oil over 3 days draws the toxins in the body out and moves them to a central area that the massage therapists are working to...no fasting at this stage, fresh salad, juices and steamed vegetables for now. Was feeling fractured in the morning, however yoga walk and massage realigned me. Was able to spend focused time on 2017 Workshop travel schedule and goal setting, opportunities in Atlanta, Sedona, Hawaii and oh my goodness, the less i plan the more comes into flow...We have the opportunity to step into the Art of Effortless Living, Do less, let go and flow X

"SHE HAD A GYPSY Soul and a warrior spirit
She made no apologies for her wild heart
She left normal and regular to
Explore the outskirts of
Magical and extraordinary"


shot on the way down to the beach 6am this morning X

shot on the way down to the beach 6am this morning X



Thursday 3 November 5.30am

“When you free yourself from your regular patterns and happenings in life, you invite change to occur.
Energy shifts, thoughts evolve, newness begins.
It takes only one small change, to initiate a string of newness. And if you are clear on what you want, that change will inevitably lead you to where you want to go.
It may not be immediate. It may not happen as you had thought it would. Quite often it can be even better than you imagined.”

Reflecting on yesterday. When we surrender to the not knowing, follow our inner calling and trust trust trust, what shows up is often beyond our wildest imaginings!

During my meditation this morning, my guides clearly reminded me that re-calibration of Self as we continue to evolve and grow is paramount to move forward with ease and grace during these fast changing times. This can be a simple as spending time barefoot in nature setting to ground, breathe and connect to ourselves as well as be present with the perfection of mother earth. I had so many reasons not to take a month out to experience authentic Ayurvedic Treatments, and all the concerns I had were dispelled within the first day of being here. What a supportive local and global community where I was led to stay. I have a place to retreat and be alone, an awesome communal café setting to meet and share with travelers from everywhere. So no sense of isolation, rather much loving support.

Daily Yoga is next door, the largest swimming pool in Varkala Beach also. Sonia who owns Shiva Garden Homestay facilitates workshops here, so yesterday was invited to present and share with the groups in the afternoon, all unexpected. Spirit also reminded me that ‘use writing and drawing as your expressional instrument of Higher Self’, and that going to the source of Ayurverda will allow me to also assist other’s in their cleansing and self care programmes in the future.

So, was important to me to be guided to most authentic Ayurverda doctors, and therapists – meet with them, and receive a final of two treatment plans from which I will choose one to commit to for the 30 days. As local as possible, avoiding the tourist trap of flashy hotels.

Today my programme will begin. By lunchtime I will have made the decision which doctor and therapist to align to. I was blown away by the accuracy of the Ayuverdic Doctor yesterday, far out, took my pulse and what he has assessed within me that is exactly what I wish to re-juvenate and re-balance. He went into semi trance and journeyed through my body asking a few questions along the way. His therapist who performs the many special massages happens to be the most experienced woman here in the whole area, and her treatment rooms are right across the lane. Boom. He explained to me that for my constitution at this moment, purging, total fasting or cold juices would have a detrimental opposite effect on my physical body than my body's needs. So i could have staying in western world setting, doing juice fasting and raw food and this would not have served me well, interesting to know......

My end focus and delight is meeting up with my two beautiful aware teenagers who will be flying over, together alone for the first time, to meet me in Bali upon my return end of November. Quality time with them.

“The universe demands inspired action”



Wednesday 2 November

6am wake, feeling very grounded energetically here yay! Today is visiting different Ayuverdic doctors and their massage and other treatment therapists to intuitively choose the combo that feels right for my body on all levels at this time.

Daily self love in action declarations to Self : physical exercise be it walking yoga, swimming in the ocean,

Meditation of some kind, can be movement based meditation, dancing like a wild child in the room or a still seated meditation.

Journaling, drawing of some kind, squiggles and

Laughter hmmm…belly breathing, sharing fun with the awesome people here from around the globe


Quote for the day:

"And then I learned
The spiritual journey had nothing to do with being nice.
It was about being real, authentic. Having boundaries.
Honouring my space first,
Others second.
And in this space of self-care being Goddessy just happened.
It flowed not motivated by fear but by love"

1 November 2016 New Beginnings within New Beginnings

Sitting in the gate lounge right now departing from Bali with end destination Varkala Beach, Kerala, India. Never been to this part of India, have purposely not researched it – will go there with open heart and white canvas of opportunities.

I have been on many intrepid journey’s in my life so far, this particular embarking on an unknown adventure is prompting me to share raw and real in journal form, the experiences along the 30 day pathway. And why? I feel and have been challenged with resistance to booking the flights and committing to 30 Day Panchkarma traditional Ayuverdic detox, rejuvenation, recalibration and cellular cleanse Programme. It would have been ‘easier’ to stay in Bali where I know everything and everyone to do a deep cleanse, however also the level of distraction and temptations would have also been there for me. So I have chosen the ‘hard’ level. Having done different Detox retreat stays in the past, they have been between 7 and 12 days and I felt great for a while and then slipped into old familiar patterns…this time it’s a full 30 days, for self care, coupled with meditation and yoga. I know too well how it feels when the healing crisis emerge and flood my system will toxins doing their best to leave the body…emotional purging, and all coming up into my face to be seen, embraced and integrated, or released.

We are all being called to clear the dross, keep the body temple as cleansed as possible from toxins, pollutants and destructive or negative mindset, self talk, - so cleansing on emotional physical and spiritual level is key to our moving and shaking into higher vibrational states of Being. Also to embrace stillness, silence, a form of movement such as yoga, free dance so we can shift, calibrate, integrate the flow of energy that moves through us.

Met two other ladies on the plane, one was of Swiss origins, one of German origins, coming to do their yoga teacher training. Interesting as my blood origins are Swiss-German. Serendipiously, the Swisss lady and I were seated together, with a spare seat beside us and we shared about our both respective work in the Healing Arts and our deep love for mama Bali.

Arriving at 10.20pm at the smallish TRV airport meant a direct 1 hour drive to Shiva Garden Homestay in Varkala Beach. I presumed having the online Visa accepted equaled a cruise through immigration, not quite the case! What an immediate adjustment needed to the yang energy I felt from officials at the airport, very abrupt instructions, no smiles or touch of friendliness, I already had pangs of missing leaving Bali and the yin flow of the people there. Gathering my stance, I held space for the many questions from Immigration, finger printing and cross checks. All in flow.

And wow, on leaving the safety net of the airport buildings, even though I have been to North India twice, I forgot how intriguing a western woman with fair hair and blue eyes is to the local people. I rewrapped my large pink sequined cotton shawl across my shoulders and chest area, felt like a security blanket.

The bossy taxi driver who was waiting for me, told me to get in the front of the car, I said no I need to sleep, he said you can sleep there in the front it’s better, I said NO thanks. Whew talk about asserting myself,I have just come from a place where that’s not needed so directly it seems. The drive in the dark was India style, dogs all over the road, rickshaws careering around, night vendors spilling out onto the road sidewalks, side cafes still full of people eating out, wide awake 24/7 place.

The taxi driver stopped suddenly and said Chai time, bringing me back a superb glass of local hot Chai deliciousness.

We arrived at Shiva Garden Homestay, Varkala Beach, an Indian friend of mine’s friend’s place. Sonia who runs this place, happens to be a Reiki Master and Massage therapist running workshops and courses. She has been in touch with various authentic Ayuverda doctors and accommodation integrated places regarding my booking a 30 day Panchakarma Programme. At this point nothing is set in concrete as where I will begin the treatments. Ah here at last, strip off my clothes lie in the fan room with familiar sarong over me and it feels great to lie horizontal and simply be. Here I am, here I am. Fuck, it dawned on me that I am here for a full month, had left Bali after a surreal evening at Akasha New Earth Haven of magical glitzzy Arabian Night free dance night by the pool…am open to what shows up here.

Panchkarma is the purification and detoxification measure of Vata, Pitta, Kapha ie. Aggrivated doshas (toxins)comprising five cleansing procedures in the body.The five element are space,air, fire, water and earth.