Have you ever had déjà vu experiences of tribal lifetimes or find yourself incredibly fascinated with blazing fires, barefoot dancing on dusty grounds, starlit nights around the campfire??!

I am often asked, how did it come about that you are creating magic opportunities not only in New Zealand, also all over the globe?

This first blog here is part of my personal story, intended to inspire others of what is possible. Yes, there has also been certain sacrifices to fully embrace this way of living, I gave up large luxurious residences to learn to travel with 23kg of luggage and small backpack, for example.

In my own personal experience, I have found that by surrendering fully to my soul purpose, and releasing all expectations of how it should be or could be, then the magic happens.

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Over the past 20 years, I have been led, as if by a greater movement of the Power Field, or the Morphogenic Field, with a greater love, then I am right where I need to be at any given time, with a purpose that is revealed to me, step by step, light cue to light cue.

I often liken it to children’s drawing books where one connects the dots of a shape, a constellation or an image, and it is only once most of all of the dots are connected that it clear what the shape is. This is how I now flow in my life, the adventures, challenges, connections with other like- minded, meetings with indigenous elders simply opens up.

The sacred space opens up for ceremony, ritual, divine movements of self-healing, healing environment for others, teachings, discourses and beyond. The land call us ultimately, this has been my belief, direct experiences and deep knowingness. The pull is so strong that not yielding to it’s calling, results in restlessness within me and sometimes even a feeling of dis-ease.

We can create sacred space for daily ritual and ceremony wherever we are, be it in our home, a hotel room, a caravan or camper, or at a beach…

We all know too well, that Mother Earth is calling out to us loud and clear, screaming for being seen, respected, honoured and healed. Not only Mother Earth, through her we also call in Father Sky – in the New Zealand Maori language, Papatuanuku and Ranginui. The power and resonance of languaging with it’s unique frequencies also plays a big role in the ‘work’ many of us are called to be part of. It is not just ‘I’ it is most definitely ‘We’ and when we can rise authentically to this calling then co-creation and collaboration intensifies the electromagnetic potency of each Sacred Journey. We become are innately are electro-magnetic beings of light and we then, contrary to what is shown in films like ‘The Secret’ attract to us who needs to be there, to walk that particular path alongside us for however long, the indigenous Elder, local Wisdom Keepers simply turn up as if these gatherings have been organised by a greater force a long time ago.

Ancient Wisdom for modern times is what is much needed at this accelerated time for human beings on Planet Earth. My role is also the bridge builder to the galactical realms. As a galactical earth representative, part of my ‘job’ is to assist those awakening.

Thus my focus at this time is also to teach and support those awakening to the New Earth energies, re-calibrating them to who they authentically are as consciousness expands. We are all wired for growth and expansion!

Today, as a global visionary entrepreneur I am lead on intrepid journeys to sacred spots all over the world!
This allows me, in the most natural way, which may be in circle around a fire or sitting at a tropical beach, to share my discourses on abundant living, weaving in my natural gifts as an Energy Medium and Clairvoyant into these teachings.

The next exciting journey is to Sedona, Arizona, where I will be co-hosting a sacred tour – Join New Zealand Sacred Earth Tours owner Olivia Potter and myself on what will certainly be a life changing experience on all levels!!

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I connects deeply to ethnic cultures and their ancient wisdoms. Through this Ihave received initiations from Balinese elders, and her trainings include Past Life Regression, NLP, Reiki and Balinese Usada Healing practises.

 As is a Master Facilitator in Family Constellation Work (Epigenetics). I have evolved myself to hold powerful high vibrational sacred space, to clear ancestral ties that block people in their current daily lives thus preventing them from accessing their right to a life of abundant flow.
I love to be a part of the awakening process for people, to come home fully totheir authentic empowered Self, and to teach them how to self-heal and follow their innermost calling.

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